weekly photo challenge: windows within windows

Jen at Traveling at wits end invites photographers who love window images to open themselves to moments of windows within windows.  This moment was accompanied by a silent voice, “ah…here I am windowS within a window as well as windows within a reflection!”



weekly photo challenge: all time favorites


After participating in the WordPress’ weekly photo challenge for around 8 years, there is a bit of sadness in learning that this week’s challenge is the last edition. Don’t know why this decision was made and so with a bit of confusion and resistance I wave farewell and  say, “thank you, it has been great fun.  If you wish to return, there is a welcome back, awaiting.”
All-Time Favorites

wpc: favorite place

My Favorite Place…Downtown   Nikon D750   f/8   1/125   24mm   100 ISO

In the early 1960s, Grand Junction, Colorado’s downtown commercial district was restructured into a tree-lined, pedestrian-friendly shopping park that borders the gentle winding Main Street.

Today, one of the first things we do when we return to visit family and friends is to undertake a walk about with our memories of what use to be and amazement at what remains as we view the various exhibits that are currently part of the Art on the Corner project.

Favorite Place