wyo winter

rhythm…             Sony   f/8   1/1,000  79 mm

wyoming’s winter

Both field and mountain

All taken by the snow

Till nothing yet remains.

~Iōsō (J Clements, The Moon in the Pines)

Sony NEX-SN     f/8     1/800     80mm

snow fence

Fields we saw

blooming with 

so many different flowers,

frost-withered now

to a single hue.

~SaigyO (B Watson, Poems of a Mountain Home)

Wyoming                           Sony NEX-5N    f/13  1/800    91mm

weekly photo challenge: resilient

They ask me where’s the sense

on jasper mountains?

I laugh and don’t reply,

in heart’s own quiet:

Peach petals float their streams

away in secret

To other skies and earths

than those of mortals

~Li Po*


Resilient: multiple exposure images of the ever-changing landscape along Hwy. 287 between Laramie, Wyoming and Fort Collins, Colorado in combination with Li Po’s poem, In the Mountains: A reply to the Vulgar”  reflect the resilience of time and words.


Li Po and Tu Fu

A Cooper


CEO’s B&W Photo Challenge: Any Tracks & Trains


This section of railroad tracks is from a small rural community in eastern Wyoming…as we wandered through this part of America, it  was not uncommon to see abandoned buildings which seem to be symbolic of discarded hopes and dreams.

This image “Discarded” is submitted in response to CEO’s B@W Photo Challenge: Any Tracks or Trains


buson’s spring lll

On my coming back,

how many pathways are there

through the spring grasses?




Haiku Master Buson

Y Sawa & E Shiffert