When I look up at

The wide-stretched plain of heaven,

Is the moon the same

That rose on Mount Mikasa

In the land of Kasuga?

~Abe-no Nakamaro

Wyoming… Nikon D750   f/4.5   1/3,200   85m   100 ISO

Fields we saw

blooming with 

so many different flowers,

frost-withered now

to a single hue.

~SaigyO (B Watson, Poems of a Mountain Home)

Wyoming                           Sony NEX-5N    f/13  1/800    91mm

They ask me where’s the sense

on jasper mountains?

I laugh and don’t reply,

in heart’s own quiet:

Peach petals float their streams

away in secret

To other skies and earths

than those of mortals

~Li Po*


Resilient: multiple exposure images of the ever-changing landscape along Hwy. 287 between Laramie, Wyoming and Fort Collins, Colorado in combination with Li Po’s poem, In the Mountains: A reply to the Vulgar”  reflect the resilience of time and words.


Li Po and Tu Fu

A Cooper

On my coming back,

how many pathways are there

through the spring grasses?




Haiku Master Buson

Y Sawa & E Shiffert

Every life is a point of view directed upon the universe. Strictly speaking, what one life sees no other can. Every individual, . . . is an organ, for which there can be no substitute, constructed for the apprehension of truth . . . Without the development, the perpetual change and the inexhaustible series of adventures which constitute life, the universe, or absolutely valid truth, would remain unknown . . . Reality happens to be like a landscape, possessed of an infinite number of perspectives, all equally veracious and authentic. The sole false perspective is that which claims to be the only one there is. ~José Ortega y Gasset


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“I’ve waited for you

for a long time” – for your song,

my mountain cuckoo   ~Issa*

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 *cited in:

The Spring of my Life

Trans: Sam Hamill